We believe happy workers shine & naturally drive business success

Our mission is to make work a healthy place by helping people increase confidence and optimise their talent

Why would employees choose you as their employer?  What do you have that others don’t have?  We can help you get this right, whatever the challenge.

Workplace wellbeing is a key contributor to employee engagement and can be achieved in so many ways.

Here are some of the main contributors to workplace wellbeing:

  1. Healthy organisational culture: Having a safe work environment where employees feel valuable and included, is the foundation for workplace wellbeing.
  2. Healthy leadership: Having leaders that engage employees on a journey with clear direction in an inspirational and caring way can influence workplace wellbeing day-to-day.
  3. Healthy relationships:Workplace conflict can get in the way of wellbeing, productivity and often come with risks such as, sickness absence, legal costs, and reduced employee retention.  Having a proactive conflict resolution strategy in place can help.
  4. Healthy Minds: Having mental health awareness and support in your organisation could go a long way towards creating wellbeing in the workplace.  Mental health issues are common and if not addressed early can result in increased absenteeism, presenteeism and loss of talent.
Belinda Westwood Consulting provides a range of services that can help you get these main contributors to workplace wellbeing right for your unique situation which in turn will make a positive impact on employee attraction, retention and talent growth.

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